Who are we?
The House Nezábudka was located on the premises of the kindergarten in the village Tureň, Slovakia. Since 2012, moved to a new building (with the aid of subsidies, grants of donor companies, supporters and volunteers) and it works, provides social services at Turnianska 8A, 903 01, Senec, Slovakia.
Nezabudka Association is registered at the Ministry of internal affairs of the Slovak Republic according to the Act N°83/90 Coll, under the N°VVS/1-900/90-10732.
Our association registers 49 heavily disabled children and young people with different handicap: mental, physical, sensual and combined.
Our activities
The House Nezabudka, a non-governmental establishment for provision of social services has signed an agreements with 46 disabled children and young people, providing them with social services that include education, consultancy, spare-time and cultural activities, working therapy, recreational activities and rehabilitation under supervision of qualified rehabilitation specialist and nurse in accordance with the Act N°195/1998 Coll. on social help. Our capacity is 22 klients/day.
We are the only establishment of its kind in the District of Senec for more than 25 years so far.
By means of projects and Grants that we have vindicated, we are providing for the education of our children by special pedagogues from Special school in Senec. A class, that provides education to heavily disabled children that are not able, because of their handicap, to attend daily classes at the school, was established in the year 2001.
A speech therapy is being carried out under the leadership and supervision of speech therapist.
Thanks to these projects children are able to benefit from music therapy, art therapy, snoezelen therapy, education and physiotherapy. Led by the music teacher, the children are thought new songs, by means of simple Orrf instruments they strive to express the rhythm and on the community events they present all they have learned. We use special musical instruments for musicotherapy.
Under the guidance of educator, our clients learn poems, songs, dancing and various dance and drama performances, which are presented on various occasions like Mother’s Day, Santa Claus, and Carnival etc.
The rehabilitation process in Nezabudka runs under the supervision of qualified rehabilitation specialists – physician and nurse who, by using special rehabilitation methods, are trying to improve the state of health of our children. The establishment is equipped with different rehabilitation facilities as well as relaxation facilities that are used daily during social services. Regularly we swim in the Aquapark Senec and occasionally other thermal pools; also we visit the hippo therapy in hippo therapeutical center Hipony.
In past our children attend a week-long rehabilitation and reconditioning stay organized by Nezabudka. With children we have visited Slovak spa towns as Dudince, Stará Ľubovňa, Nimnice, Častá Papiernička, Turcianske Teplice, Piešťany etc. In the year 2002 we succeeded to arrange for the children, the first rehabilitation stay at the seaside in Croatia. Three times we spent few days at the seaside in Italy. Nowadays we used to go on one-day trips.
In the House Nezabudka we also offer social consultancy and carry out social prevention based on the accreditation awarded by the Ministry of work, social affairs and family of the Slovak Republic.
The Nezabudka organizes free-time activities, sightseeing tours, lectures and visits of cultural events. The children of Nezabudka can pride themselves with their visits to Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava and several other interesting places in Slovakia and Czech Republic. We were able to organize these trips due to grants and different projects.
The establishment runs by 9 employees. We cooperate with external specialists: special pedagogues, speech therapist, music pedagogue for music therapy, rehabilitation physician, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, orthopaedist, book keeper.
The managing committee of civil initiative (association) sits every month and has 5 members. During its sitting the committee discusses the running of the House Nezabudka and the association activities.

We are the first ones in the District of Senec, who started providing social services to disabled children and young people, who are in the care of parents.

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